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Workers' Compensation is our middle name!  Well, okay.  Not literally. But close to it.

Our team was assembled  with an emphasis on workers' compensation defense. Our clients included (and still do include) cities and counties, school districts and large self-insured employers, insurance companies and small employers. However, as time went on we realized our unique abilities, talent, and experience were needed by injured workers as well.  As of late we represent quite a number of injured workers from all walks of life and with all types of injuries.  It is our unique approach with an emphasis on your needs that sets us apart.

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If you are an injured worker and need help, please call today at 559-408-7436 or email us at  If you have been injured at work, you need a local attorney with experience. Between our attorneys and paralegals, we have more than 50 years of experience in workers' compensation. Call today to let us fight for you.  We will conduct a full conflict check regarding files our firm has handled, and then get to work for you.

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