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What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC)?

A Mandatory Settlement Conference or MSC is where you will appear with your attorney, if you are represented, and meet with the opposing party, either a claims adjuster or their attorney, to discuss your case with a Workers’ Compensation Judge. 

When a Mandatory Settlement Conference is scheduled, attendance is mandatory.  There are a number of reasons why a Mandatory Settlement Conference can be set, but typically it is because your claim is ready for settlement.  At the conference, the parties are urged to attempt to resolve your case.  However, if there are disagreements over your disability that cannot be resolved informally, the next step will be to set the matter for Trial.

It is imperative that you are at the hearing because if you are able to resolve your case at that time, settlement documents will be prepared and submitted to the Judge for approval.  Your signature is required on the settlement documents, even if you have an attorney.

If for some reason you cannot attend the hearing, then you must notify your attorney if you are represented, or the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board if you are unrepresented, right away so that the hearing date can be changed to another date so that you can be there. 

If your case does not settle at the hearing, then either the matter may go off calendar, be set for another conference, or be set for Trial.

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What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?

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