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What if my doctor is sending me to collections for
workers' comp treatment?

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What do I do if I receive bills from my doctors telling me that they are going to send me to collections for treatment related to my workers’ compensation case?

First and foremost, stay in connection with your doctor/medical provider and make them aware that all medical treatment should be billed to the workers’ compensation insurance company.  You will need to provide them with the workers’ compensation insurance company information and claim information so they can send their bills to the insurance company.  When an employee has filed a claim form, a provider of medical services shall not, with actual knowledge that a claim is pending, collect money directly from the employee for services to cure or relieve the effects of the injury for which the claim form was filed, unless the medical provider has received written notice that liability for the injury has been rejected by the employer and the medical provider has provided a copy of this notice to the employee.  This rule comes out of the Labor Code, and the doctors are bound by it.

If your doctor/medical provider tells you that the insurance company is denying payment for your treatment because your claim has been denied, then the next step is to get your attorney involved, if you have one.  Your attorney can send a letter to your medical providers advising them that you have a workers’ compensation claim and to assist them with filing a lien.  There is no reason to hurt your good credit because you have a workers’ compensation claim, your medical bills are not being paid, and you are being threatened to be sent to collections.  As soon as you receive a bill from your doctor, notice that you will be sent to collections for non-payment, or if the bill(s) have already gone to collections, get your attorney involved so that the issue can get resolved and your credit is not affected.

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