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There have recently been several news developments highlighting the importance of truth in workers' compensation.  And this is not just towards injured workers, but to all participants in the system.  Whether you are an employee, an employer, or a provider, you have to tell the truth.

In April 2017 the Monterey County District Attorney's Office reported that an uninsured tree trimmer was sentenced to forty days in jail.  In California all employers must carry workers' compensation insurance unless a limited exception applies.  This employer was not carrying insurance, but surely his clients all thought he was operating within the bounds of the law, and he had reported to the Contractors State License Board that he had no employees.  As he was not operating legally, he is now headed to jail or alternative sentencing.  

At the same time the District Attorney reported that a restaurant owner pled guilty to filing false statements with his workers' compensation insurance carrier in order to pay lower premiums.  He was sentenced to 90 days in jail or alternate sentencing.  

It was not only employers getting in trouble in April 2017.  A laborer was charged with falsifying his time cards in order to get paid by his employer and also get temporary disability from the insurance company.  It was less than $3,000 but he was charged with a felony and could have that on his record going forward.

In May 2017 it was reported that Michael Drobot, a hospital administrator, was suspended from participating in the workers' compensation system due to admitting to paying kickbacks three years earlier.  He cannot even participate in the system, and he was only one of 19 providers suspended in 2017 under a new law.

Lying in workers' compensation is not worth it.  It does not matter if you are an employer, or an employee, or a provider, the truth will come out.  California employees injured at work are entitled to workers' compensation benefits under state law and there is no benefit to lying.  The same goes for employers and providers.

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The Importance of Truth in Workers' Compensation

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