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I don't like my doctor.  Can I get a new one?

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The short answer to this is yes.  Workers’ Compensation has a system in place to allow an injured worker access to different medical providers.  This includes doctors with different specialties.  Most employers and insurance companies have in effect an established medical provider network (often called a MPN).  This is a list of doctors with whom an injured worker can receive treatment.  The premise is that a worker is allowed to pick and chose any doctor who appears on this list.  The biggest drawback is that sometimes the doctors on this list will not accept new patients.  There may be also problems with an injured worker’s ability to access the medical provider network list.  This really makes things difficult especially if there are not many choices for doctors.   If there are not enough doctors on the list who will treat you, you may be able to escape that list and go to a doctor of your choice from among any of the local treating doctors.

There are also scenarios where an employer may not have created a medical provider network. 
If that is the case, generally an injured worker will be able to select any doctor whom they want to treat with.  This may include their personal physician.  This of course is subject to whether the doctor will be willing to treat the injured worker for a workers’ compensation case.  Assuming the doctor is ready, able and willing to provide treatment, than the injured worker will likely not be responsible for the medical bills. 

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