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When you receive reasonable and necessary medical treatment to cure or relieve the effects of an industrial injury, the employer is liable not only for the cost of treatment, but also certain expenses incurred as a result of it.  One of the expenses reimbursable includes mileage.

Mileage is governed under Labor Code §4600(e)(2) and generally paid at the prevailing IRS standard mileage rate.   The mileage rates are as follows:  2105 is $.575 per mile; 2014 is $.56 per mile; and 2013 is $.565.  The mileage rate will change in 2016 to $.54 per mile.  When calculating mileage it is from your home to the place of the medical appointment and back, including any parking fees.  In addition to the medical appointment, you may be entitled to mileage while filling authorized prescription medication at your local pharmacy. 

Mileage is paid at the reimbursement rate for when you made the trip to the doctor or pharmacy, not necessarily when the insurance company issues the check.  So, for example, if you submitted a request in March 2016 for mileage accrued over the prior six months, that would be reimbursed at two different rates; one for 2015 mileage and one for 2016 mileage.

To claim medical mileage it is routine for you to record mileage expenses and request reimbursement at intervals.  There are generalized medical mileage expense forms that are provided by the workers’ compensation carrier and are also available from the director of Industrial Relations website here.

As medical mileage is included within the concept of medical benefits, they are subject to penalties under Labor Code §5814 if payments are unreasonably delayed.  If your medical mileage is paid within 45 days, it is not subject to penalties.

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